Maine and Maryland Vote to Legalize Gay Marriage

The 2012 election was an historic event for gay rights proponents

November 6th was a big night for Obama and an historic night for gay rights proponents. Alas, after the issue had been presented to state voters 32 times, Maine and Maryland both voted by a 52-48 percent margin to legalize gay marriage, adding to the total of states that have approved same-sex marrriage which include: Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and the District of Columbia. Maine's new marriage equality will take effect 30-days from now on December 7, while Maryland's will take effect on January 1, 2013.

This isn't shocking as a 2010 poll showed that more Americans supported gay marriage than opposed it and this past year President Obama publicly endorsed same-sex marriage. Other celebrity activists openly took a stand on gay marriage this year including Anne Hathaway who donated all the proceeds from her wedding photos to a marriage equality group, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson who announced his engagement to fiance Justin Mikita in a YouTube video along with the launch of a new organization, Tie the Knot, which sells bow ties to raise money for marriage equality.

Some gay rights activists and same-sex couples were concerned a Romney-Ryan administration would hault the legalization of gay marriage, but after last night, we can recognize this as a human rights victory.

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